Dallas, Texas

Dallas is the epicenter for the national tranformation movement. Historically Dallas has been the ground zero for significant social movements that have been both positive and negative. Randy Skinner is passionate about helping Dallas lead the way in the next great positive cultrual transformation.

Making an Impact

You can find out how Randy is making a difference through unique partnerships between businesses, non-profits, governmental organizations and individuals.

  • Transformation

    Working with local leaders to transform West Dallas.

  • Partnerships

    Building creative partnerships that effect postive change.

  • Community Impact

    Fighting Organized Crime and Slum Lords with Justice Department

  • Civic Impact

    Dallas Councilman, Jerry Allen and Randy Skinner discuss their achievments in reducing homelessness thought the city.

  • Ethics Impact

    Randy Skinner accepts the Chair of the Dallas Ethics Commission from Mayor, Mike Rawlings

  • San Antonio Impact

    Touching the poorest zip codes of San Antonio with Daily Bread Ministries

2021 Strategic Plan for Urban Renewal

Leading the way

Organizing an entire community to reclaim their neighborhoods and unite for unprecidented change.

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Tapping into a significant desire by compassionate people who are are investing time, treasure and talents.

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Ending Hunger

The most effective way to end hunger is being deployed in Dallas and San Antonio, Texas with significant results.

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What Others Are Saying

  • Our city is known for grabbing an issue and addressing it in a big way. In a successful way. Randy skinner has done that around hunger. It’s marvelous to see his work and to see how God works through him as well. He is also Chairman of the Dallas Ethics Advisory Commission and an it's a very important job as he tries to keep us all on the straight and narrow. I thank him for doing that for many years. He not only gives back on the streets but at Dallas City Hall.

    Mike Rawlings, Dallas Mayor
  • Fighting the blight of hunger, injustice, and poverty in our inner cities requires constant struggle. In this battle, comes Randy Skinner who takes a unique approach with a personal commitment, heartfelt empathy, tireless work ethic and strategic thinking. His city transformation model fills me and others with hope, belief and excitement this battle can and is being won.

    Tony Bartel, National Business Leader
  • I have worked closely with Randy Skinner and regard him as one of the true leaders in our community. He has an incredible heart for Jesus and is truly producing demonstrable results in transforming West Dallas. His city wide movement to end hunger and homelessness are admirable examples of servant leadership and to his commitment to change our community and individual lives. I had the wisdom to appoint him to chair the City Ethics Commission and his leadership and perseverance in that position have made a difference in our city’s government.

    Tom Leppert, Former Dallas Mayor
  • Randy Skinner has been instrumental in researching past sins of Dallas and incorporating how the body of Christ can bring healing to those affected by those sins.

    CBN News coverage of Transformation West Dallas
  • During our three hour tour by FEED 3 we were all left in tears seeing the plight of small children without beds, without food, without hope.

    Carrie Boren, Dallas Episcopal Leader
  • Randy Skinner is a creative leader who is a living example of someone who not only talks the talk, but wals the walk. He is making a lasting impact on our culture.

    Russell Lake, Co-Founder One Heart Project
  • Randy Skinner is an unsung hero in the city of Dallas. For years he has been a voice for the underserved in our communities. Not only has his voice been heard, but his actions have spoken even louder. Whether addressing hunger, poverty, inner city transformation, or ethics, he has rolled up his sleeves and served those in need, advised leaders, and helped the rest of us see a more clear perspective.

    Steve Riach, Founder Heart of a Champion Foundation
  • There are 3 kinds of leaders...positional leaders, influential leaders and servant leaders....very few fit the last category. Randy is of the very few!

    Mike Moore – National Motivational Speaker
  • Randy's organization has made a huge impact at Thomas Alva Edison Middle School in West Dallas. He has blessed students with healthy snacks for after school tutoring and Saturday school feeding over 700 students last year. He has helped to show appreciation to teachers and staff for their commitment to excellence by catering after school dinners. Furthermore, he has connected West Dallas stakeholders to assist Edison in its mission to ensuring every aspect of a child's development is addressed (body, mind, and soul).

    Principal Derrick Spurlock – Thomas Edison Middle School- West Dallas, Texas
  • Randy is a bold yet compassionate leader whose work among the disenfranchised in the places of greatest need is a model for societal transformation. Simply put - Randy does ministry the Jesus way.

    Mark Pollard – National Civil Rights Leader – Atlanta, Georgia
  • There are three types of leaders I’ve observed in 35 years of ministry – those who have a real call from God, those who have real abilities given by God, and those who have real integrity in ministry. Randy is one of those leaders with all three of these qualities. I wholeheartedly endorse him and his work!

    Bob Long - Rally Call Ministries, Austin Texas
  • Randy brings hope and joy to the needy amongst us in our city. He shares the love and care of Jesus to a broken world. Through Randy’s passion and leadership, people become informed and emboldened to help participate in making positive impacts for ending hunger in their community.

    Jason Smuland – Hunter & Michaels Recruiting Agency, Dallas, Texas
  • Randy Skinner is one of the most creative, compassionate, energetic, and engaged leaders I have ever met. He is making a big difference in Dallas.

    Stan Holmes- CEO of Core Fellowship – Dallas & Washington, DC
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