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Home For Our Neighbors Campaign

The Greater Dallas Justice Revival (GDJR) launched in September of 2010 the “Homes for Our Neighbors” campaign to serve the families and individuals placed in transitional and Permanent Supportive Housing. This campaign is in partnership with the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance and Dallas Housing Authority.

This effort will mobilize the faith community to serve those individuals as new residents of local neighborhoods by mentoring, bible studies, and working with support services on site, neighborhood landscaping and church affiliation. The Greater Dallas Justice Revival will also work with local neighborhood associations, schools, civic and business leaders to ensure a healthy quality of life increases in those areas.

The Greater Dallas Justice Revival supports the City of Dallas plan for the development of 700 permanent supportive housing units for chronically homeless individuals by 2014. For over the past two years more than 300 leaders and 3,000 volunteers have committed to work with the Greater Dallas Justice Revival to achieve this plan.

Dallas is at an exciting crossroads in its efforts to end chronic homelessness. The Dallas Housing Authority and the Dallas Metro Homeless Alliance have developed strategies to house over 600 currently homeless individuals in permanent supportive housing in 2010.

In view of the community’s need and the stated goals of the community’s elected leaders, the Greater Dallas Justice Revival will partner with these organizations and busy itself in supporting these objectives in the following ways:

Public Education: Through educational materials entitled “I Am Not invisible” that provides a series of stories about six formerly homeless individuals, support services, The Bridge, and supportive housing.

Public Support: By activating outreach opportunities, public education, and spiritual outreach of more than 1,000 church and non-profit partners.

Neighborhood Forums: Creating dialogue between churches, neighborhood associations, business groups, support agencies, Dallas Housing Authority, and Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance. Our goal is to ensure a healthy and safe environment for formerly homeless people and their neighbors.

Good Neighbor Covenant: The partnership of Greater Dallas Justice Revival, Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, Dallas Housing Authority, Support Service Agencies, and Churches have agreed to work in support of the homeless to find healing, health, and homes.

1) Public Education:

The Homes for our Neighbors Campaign involves a series of educational inserts, sermon template, and posters entitled “I Am Not Invisible”. It begins with a series of six stories of formerly homeless individuals, challenged with various physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. On the reverse side of the educational inserts are information about support service agencies involved in these individuals’ lives, the success of The Bridge (The City of Dallas center for homeless), and why housing for the formerly homeless is critical to their success.

Local churches, non-profits, schools, and neighborhood associations are encouraged to utilize the campaign to help educate their members. Churches may wish to preach, teach, or have bible studies that focus on homelessness, disabilities, and their responsibility to the suffering. Local non-profits may use the materials to enhance their outreach to this population group. Neighborhood associations may use the materials to open healthy conversations with residents. The materials help the reader better understand how the treatment of homeless individuals and the placement of them into housing with support services is critical to a healthy community.

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2) Outreach and Service Projects

Churches throughout the greater Dallas area are playing a central role in providing volunteer support to the formerly homeless by gift baskets, bible studies, friendship outreach, recreational outreach, community gardens, etc.

We believe that outreach and service projects serve as a healing agent to humanize the new residents into the greater Dallas area. By working together these efforts address the fears, concerns and/or misconceptions about homeless individuals and families, including those in recovery with mental illnesses, addictions and physical disabilities.

The Justice Revival is committed to supporting the servant-leaders in our city who have been at the forefront of creating and implementing solutions to the challenges of homelessness. We believe that the many individuals and organizations who have been leading but most often quietly serving the needs of the homeless are answering the call to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to our homeless friends.

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Steps to Involvement:

1. Fill out the application form to be submitted to the Justice Revival Staff.
2. Read the list of opportunities and determine where you feel called to assist.
3. Begin praying about how your calling is to be defined as a volunteer.
4. Meet with Justice Revival staff to determine type of partnership.
5. Partnership development established and opportunities defined.
6. Launch of relationship with task force and campaign initiatives.
7. Training of volunteers and partnership defined for long-term relationship.

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