Annual Report

How Justice Revival Impacted the Greater Dallas area in 2010

Fact #1: In 2010, we had amazing opportunities to address issues in our city from a coalition of churches, non-profits, and concerned citizens. We addressed a wide range of biblical justice issues inside the halls of city government, media, as well as the church. Thousands of people were reached – many heard about us and our message for the first time through our outreach opportunities, - and the movement is growing.

Fact #2: We are a movement. We provide our city officials, churches, colleges, and seminaries, and thousands of individual Christians, with resources and strategies to help them address the critical issues of homelessness, poverty, challenges in our educational system. We are also a voice on racism and diversity, urban ministry, , youth violence, community organizing, and much more.

Fact #3: Although our budget this year was small, our in-kind gifts were over $1.5 million, and our outreach to over 160 non-profits, and service hours in public service numbered in the thousands, and provided in-kind contributions to these organizations that they could not afford to pay for. Through our FEED 3 Program we are currently providing 1000 families a month groceries and this number is growing.

Fact #4: Our future depends on you. Your suppo rt is critical at the end of 2010, so please make your year-end, tax-deductible donation. Give now to have the impact of your gift touch lives today. I am truly thankful that you responded in 2010. We understand the critical role these platforms play in informing and educating you on a variety of topics. But in order for us to be this movement we are called to be, we need your investment in our mission.So if the Greater Dallas Justice Revival has informed, supported, encouraged, or inspired you, could you give a gift back to us today by debit card, credit card, or check? And most importantly, please keep us in your prayers and share the message.

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How many other organizations impact a city by:
(1) acting as a clearinghouse catalyst
(2) share their resources of influence and wealth in partnerships with other nonprofits, and
(3) have low administrative costs and a large volunteer force that produce results?

Take a moment to realize how JR impacted the City of Dallas in 2010 in this manner:

Over 10,000 Students Hear Lessons on Character by Major Athletesexperience
NBA All-Star week, Justice Revival partnered with Xperience and Allan Houston Foundation, bringing NBA and NFL speakers to 40 Dallas area high schools.
Cost: Administrative Time and Collaboration
Outcome: 10,000 students touched
Impact: 40 school assemblies where character and education was emphasized by key influential leaders

Hunger Awareness Touch 7,000 Local Citizens and Feed 2,500 Students concert
Hunger Awareness Week, JR partnered with TwentyTen Mission at the Casting Crown and TobyMac Christian concert series with 7,000 attendees.
Focus of Event: JR FEED 3 Hunger Campaign
Cost: 120 Volunteer Workers, Administrative Time
Outcome: 2,500 backpacks distributed to be filled with food for local children during summer months.
Impact: 7,000 people educated on the 280,000 hungry children in area & participated in backpack giveaway

FEED 3 Campaign Provides Groceries for over 4,000 People
Launch of Feed 3 Campaign, in partnership with People josh heupel
That Care to supplement families in need of additional groceries and fresh fruits and vegetables. These are new sites.
Cost: Volunteer Time and Administrative Strategic Networking
Outcome: Estimated 4,000 people have received groceries since August of 2010.
Impact: Two new centers in communities opened up for further social, physical and spiritual outreach

Day of Champion Football Camps
Day of Champion Football Camp in partnership with ... working with 16 Collegiate josh heupel Coaches and former NFL players with 150 Students in Jubilee Park.
Cost: $10,000 plus volunteers
Outcome: 150 athletic students receive character and athletic training
Impact: Students challenged with physical and spiritual training and follow up through local non-profits.

Dallas Housing Authority "Homes for Our Neighbors" Campaignfood
Partnership with Dallas Housing Authority and Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance
Cost: $5,000 plus volunteer support
Outcome: New residents into DHA properties receive gifts, counseling, bible study, outreach
Impact: Credited by DHA and MDHA with changing the political climate and bringing churches to support the formerly homeless move-ins to DHA properties. Donations include furniture, kitchen supplies, gift baskets and a community garden to date.

Distributed Toys to 160 nonprofits worth $1.3 million dollars
Christmas Toy Distribution of $1.3 million dollars of donated toys
Cost: $2,000 plus Admin Time
Outcome: 160 Non-profits distribute 50,000 toys to DFW area.
Impact: Many of the children would have had no gifts this season. Spiritual influence of toys on kids. Built deeper community relationship between 40 – 60 non profits and Justice Revival

Distributed Coats to Local High Schools and Elementary Schools josh heupel
Coat Giveaway to DISD area children
Cost $2,400
Outcome: Nearly 200 children received warm coats during the winter months.
Impact: Prevent sickness during cold weather. Deeper relationship with three schools.

Please consider giving to our organization to further impact and bring transformation to our region. We need your help to continue bringing critical food and emergency supplies to suffering areas of our city. We have been guaranteed over one million pounds of food product each month if we can guarantee our ability to store, transport, and sustain the quality of the food product (refrigeration). Your donation can help us accomplish more in 2011.

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